Patrons and Protectors In Times of Need


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By: Michael O’Neill McGrath

Foreword by: Rosemary Luling Haughton

Once again Brother Michael O’Neill McGrath enlivens our devotion to our patron saints with his modern yet tradition-inspired images. In this third volume of the Patrons and Protectors series, we recall those saints we call upon when in need. In times of illness we pray with Peregrine (cancer), Timothy (stomach ailments), Bernadette (asthma), James (arthritis), Agatha (breast cancer) and Matthew Talbott (alcoholism). When grieving or beset by worry we call upon Jane de Chantal (widows), Rita (troubled marriages), Monica (troubled children). When faced with nature’s fury we cry out for the prayers of Gregory the Wonderworker (floods) and Genevieve (disasters). As in the first two volumes, Brother Mickey’s art is accompanied by his own descriptions and a brief contribution by a modern person facing these difficulties. Contributors include Christopher de Vinck, Antoinette Bosco, Michelle Weldon and many others. The combination of age-old piety and modern witness makes this volume another must-have for any spiritual library.

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